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Kuvira in Book 4 Trailer.

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The Legend of Korra’s Book 4 Countdown

"You can call me… Kuvira

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Kai is like 14 y’all are disgusting

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mako julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez

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isn’t it funny how one of the fundamental reasons hijabs and other headcoverings are worn is so that muslim women are not subjected to superficial discernment and judged by their character rather than their beauty, but the western world has subverted that value and objectified millions of muslim women by reducing them to the garment they choose to wear, criticising the loss of their identity and individuality? and by funny I mean not at all???

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Kurt Vonnegut is very important

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Steal His Look: Old Man Jenkins

Kent Wang Polo Light Blue - $265

Lip Gloss - Charlotte Tilbury - $81

Miu Miu Sunglasses - $390

Irish Walking Stick - $67.99

i promised myself i wouldn’t reblog anymore of these but this. this is it.

make these weirdos stop doing this
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when your white friends defend you


when you defend your white friends


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A moment of silence for…


Every black man that is “ok with white people using the n-word”

That Asian girl who applauds Katy Perry dressing up like a Geisha

Those native American folks who are fine with the “Redskins” mascot

The Chicano/Latino boy who wants to “deport all the illegals”

A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers. They are lost to the cause.

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steal his look: shinji ikari

vilebrequin classic linen shirt - $220

valentino loose t-shirt - $644

issey miyake crinkled jeans - $1300

lanvin multi buckle belt - $514

converse x maison martin margiela sneakers - $443

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Nick Jonas for Men’s Fitness - March 2014

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"u dont need makeup to be pretty just be urself!!!"

ok but consider this

  • i fucking love eyeliner
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these looks are so rulers of the galaxy kanye looks like he has a scepter in the 4th pic

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The first fleshed out post in who knows how long…..! 

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